Edulyzer is a survey and analysis application for processing the data generated by school communities. We offer a quick and user-friendly way to collect data from the different parties involved in a school’s ecosystem: the teachers, pupils, head teachers and guardians.

We know that the professionals in the education sector are very busy and we do not want to burden our users. Our promise is simple: answering a single one-minute question every school day will change how you view your school community. By this, we mean that schools of 350 learners and teachers already generate about 67,000 data points every year and, correspondingly, municipalities with eight schools of this size generate more than half a million data points.

These data points open a new window onto the school, the individuals involved in it and their potential and, first and foremost, a new way to manage and carry out actions in light of relevant information.


Learning and comprehensive wellbeing


Teaching situations, work environment and wellbeing, leadership, learning materials


Pedagogical leadership for school and staff, wellbeing at work and reporting on competence areas.


Strengths of individual learners, communication, commitment to school


Collected data is refined by means of an artificial intelligence and distributed to various target groups. Customized questionnaires are also available.

Learners and guardians

Analysis of skills, strengths and comprehensive wellbeing


Monitoring the progress and wellbeing of groups and individuals


Analysis of teaching and learning metrics, pedagogical leadership in school level and wellbeing at work

Local educational authorities

Analysis of teaching and learning metrics on the municipal level, leadership in pedagogical development and wellbeing at work

National educational authorities

Analysis of teaching and learning metrics on the national level, data-driven educational development

Our data is responsible

and our operations are transparent. We are proud to be involved in improving the involvement of all members of school communities together with researchers.