Edulyzer is a DaaS application that makes it possible to monitor the success of a municipal school ecosystem constantly and target development actions more effectively.

The best advantages of Edulyzer and the most accurate picture of the municipality’s school ecosystem are gained when all of the municipality’s schools are involved.

The pricing is based on the number of pupils a school has and treats different-sized schools fairly.

The price of a licence is EUR 3.99 (+ VAT)/year x number of pupils

For example, the price of an annual licence for a school with 300 pupils is EUR 1,197.00 + VAT. The Edulyzer licence is invoiced on an annual basis and the number of pupils is checked on the first day of September every year.


An agreement valid until further notice is made with the school/municipality.

Education enables

the ability of individuals and communities to make decisions based on ethical thinking, information-based consideration and putting oneself in another person’s position.


— National core curriculum for basic education